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This will be very boring news for you here on the page, however for me this is an accomplishment to share. MDD Games has an official website. Not too bad for a first webpage either. However I cannot take full credit myself. If you are a programmer of any kind (or learning to be one), then I would 100% recommend checking out

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MDD Games:

How did it come to be? June 26, 2021

How did MDD Games come to be? It started in 2016. BlackBlade and Liam started their project Dreaming or project 3 as it also is called. They worked on the project for 3 years. Making characters, stories, maps and ideas for how to make themself and others enjoy what might be made. BlackBlade had other projects as well at that time she wanted to make. Project 3 was just one of the biggest. So she started planning a company: Infinity Games. That name was taken, and just that alone benched the whole plan. No name felt like it should..until Maladaptive Daydreaming.

Maladaptive daydreaming is a psychiatric condition. It was identified by Professor Eliezer Somer of the University of Haifa in Israel. This condition causes intense daydreaming that distracts a person from their real life. Many times, real-life events trigger day dreams.
Read more!.

BlackBlade found this to resonate to her a lot! And that was what the whole point of even making games was. Making games was her daydreaming created into a universe. So in 2019 she started the planning and in 2020 she began her first game task. This game was not Reigning. Reigning is the first published game (Read more about Reigning here). In fact there are over 10 other projects shelfed and 3 BlackBlade wants published.

Reigning is just the beginning. Cheers to many more games to come.

Reigning character/ruin suggestion:

Send in suggestions. July 01, 2021

You can suggest for us what to make next. Note that if you send in something, it probably won't be out until 2022 or later. 2021 is fully booked with 3 characters: Blanche, Christina and Haakon.

Suggestions must contain the following:

  • Name of the ruin/building/character.
  • Maybe some links for us.
  • Years? Which years do you want, or at least which years was the object/person?
  • Is there a story or some notes you want to share?
  • Why you want it or care about it.
  • Your name and a way for us to contact you.

Send a mail to

About The Founder:


BlackBlade here. Founder and creator of MDD Games. I was born and raised in Norway. My source of power is creativity, being social and having a bit of leader instinct. I used to daydream all the time of a successful company that I, an independent individual who still knows when to ask the people around me for help, would create.
Games was and still is for me a way to escape the daily life. It is my hobby, escape and a way to the least relaxing way.

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Reigning Beta Trailer:

This game trailer is the beta trailer for the new Steam game called "Reigning". Created by Daniel Llewelyn.


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What do you need help with or why do you want to reach out to us? You can send us a mail. We will answer as soon as we can.


If you are a programmer of any kind (or learning to be one), then I would 100% recommend checking out

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