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Reigning character/ruin suggestion:

Send in suggestions. July 01, 2021

You can suggest for us what to make next. Note that if you send in something, it probably won't be out until 2022 or later. 2021 is fully booked with 3 characters: Blanche, Christina and Haakon.

Suggestions must contain the following:

  • Name of the ruin/building/character.
  • Maybe some links for us.
  • Years? Which years do you want, or at least which years was the object/person?
  • Is there a story or some notes you want to share?
  • Why you want it or care about it.
  • Your name and a way for us to contact you.

Send a mail to

Reigning Patch 1.0:

First Reigning Patch. July 01, 2021

"Choose your story and start the adventure. You make decisions throughout the stories and the better the choice you make, the better the ending you get. With the first version of the game you can play "Blanche of Namur's" preview. Giving you a short insight of the 2 stories for her that are to come. With her upcoming stories you also get "Haakon IV of Norway" which follows the Civil war of Norway and his daughter "Christina of Norway" who is married off to "Philip of Castile" in Spain."

"Blanche was born and raised in Namur, Belgium. One day the King of the Nordic countries, King Magnus, travels all the way to her and proposes. A year later, she sails from Belgium and receives Tunsberghus as a morning present at the wedding. She spends most of her time there and has children, but one becomes more hungry for power than the other. The kingdom's alliances go up in smoke and rumors of poison at the fortress spread quickly. Death haunts Blanche when the plague reach the land."

"It is free to play and for all ages. I hope you come join us in the corners of our world."

First patch content:

  • Queen Blanche of Namur's first preview in both Norwegian and English.
  • Information about upcoming previews.
  • Pretty art :)

Reigning on steam.

Reigning Soundtrack Release:

First Reigning Soundtrack. July 01, 2021
Reigning Soundtrack

"Reigning is a medieval and story-based, choice game. The music in the game is made by Tanner Wehrli."

"We hope you will join us and dream away in Reigning's medieval soundtrack."


Song title: Track length: Track:
Angel's calls 1:59 1
Bringer of death 0:29 2
Calm waves 0:41 3
Reigning Main theme 1:24 4
Ready for battle 0:48 5
The day 1:35 6
Walking Horizon 4:11 7

Reigning Soundtrack on Steam.

Reigning beta trailer:

Daniel Llewelyn made us a trailer. June 30, 2021

This game trailer is the beta trailer for the new Steam game called "Reigning". Created by Daniel Llewelyn.

Daniel Llewelyn:


Origin of the production, June 26, 2021

Reigning being the first published game by MDD Games was quite the big deal in T√łnsberg, Norway. You see "Reigning" started as a school project by BlackBlade and Ash. The task was to make something digital for "Slottsfjell" museum. This "something digital" could be a game, a pack for another game or websites/info videos. They went with game. They were also the only group who picked that. BlackBlade managed to drag more and more people into the project, what had started as 2 norwegians making a game about "Slottsfjell" evolved into a game made by people from all over the world, about ruins and royals.

Reigning is just the beginning. Cheers to many more games to come.

About The Founder:


BlackBlade here. Founder and creator of MDD Games. I was born and raised in Norway. My source of power is creativity, being social and having a bit of leader instinct. I used to daydream all the time of a successful company that I, an independent individual who still knows when to ask the people around me for help, would create.
Games was and still is for me a way to escape the daily life. It is my hobby, escape and a way to the least relaxing way.

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Reigning Beta Trailer:

This game trailer is the beta trailer for the new Steam game called "Reigning". Created by Daniel Llewelyn.


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