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NRK Radio (Norwegian):

NRK interviews "Slottsfjell" museum. June 17, 2021

NRK interviewed "Slottsfjell" the museum about their new collections. One of them being the digital collection, where students from "Greveskogen" had made games and packs for already existing games. "Reigning" was one of the games made for this Digital Collection. In the interview you can hear both Alexandra Hafsås and Cesilia Gustavsen being interviewed.
Note that the language being spoken is Norwegian. Good luck!


The interview.

"Tønsberg Blad" article about the future digital collection:

TB makes an article about the students making products for "Slottsfjell", April 11, 2021
Greveskogen's students

"This summer, it will be possible to experience Tønsberg's history in the form of packs for already existing games and new digital games. Behind this is a group of Greveskogen students."
Read more on the official article.

The article.

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